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The Brahman breed was developed in the Southern United States from "Bos lndicus" cattle that were brought from India. Oldest of all domesticated types, the cattle of India date to 4000 B.C. These are the

The name "Brahman" was adopted to preserve the Indian heritage of the breed. Brahman in Hindu means
"Supreme God of Creation"
Brahman cattle may vary in color from light gray or red to almost black. The mature weight of the American Brahman is approximately 725 kg to 1,000 kg for mature bulls and 540 kg to 635 kg for mature cows. They have dark skin pigmentation around the eyes and ears, which filters the intense rays of the sun to help prevent cancer eye. Their classic characteristics are a well defined hump centered over their shoulder, loose, pliable skin and a heavy dewlap.

The loose skin and short, thick, glossy hair coat aid in allowing them to withstand the sun. Brahman cattle also have a greater ability to sweat freely, allowing them to better dissipate excess body heat, which enables them to be more heat tolerant. Their resistance to insects and internal parasites, combined with heat tolerance, help them to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Brahmans also possess the ability to utilize low-quality roughage and travel large distances to get food and water. Brahman females possess good mothering instincts and produce large quantities of high-quality milk on minimal resources.
Brahman cattle have developed a reputation for surviving in climates that have proven detrimental to other breeds. They possess a great ability to withstand heat, humidity, disease and insects. A lot of attention has been given to the breed by cattlemen worldwide.
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