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Andrews Polled Brahmans have been raising Brahman cattle in Western Canada since 1989. We have concentrated on producing Polled Brahmans with exceptional fertility. They breed as yearlings, calve as two year olds and continue calving year after year.

We believe that there is a very bright future for Polled Genetics, but it is important to create polled Brahmans without sacrificing quality. We can do this by sharing information, genetics and communication between breeders.

These are not only Polled Times, but exciting times for those raising Polled Brahman cattle.

Although Brahmans are generally a hot weather animal, they can be raised in colder climates if reasonable care is taken. We find that they can handle temperatures as low as -20°C (-5°F) with little discomfort. For lower temperatures shelter is required. We feed outside all winter with temperatures ranging from 10°C (50°F) to -40°C (-40°F). We provide shelter that will retain the animals body temperature without using artificial heat. Brahmans are intelligent enough that they will only come out of the shelter for short periods during cold weather.